1.1 - Keyboard shortcuts

1.1 - Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Menu Bar


One way to speed up your use of the laptop is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for various actions and functions. Many times, you can find these listed in various menus beside the funciton.

Some important and common keyboard shortcuts include:

  • ⌘-A Select All
  • ⌘-X Cut
  • ⌘-C Copy
  • ⌘-V Paste
  • ⌘-Q Quit Application
  • ⌘-O Open
  • ⌘-W Close Window / Document
  • ⌘-S Save
  • ⌘-N New Document
  • ⌘-P Print
  • ⌘-Z Undo




The Dock


Another component of your desktop is called the Dock.


The dock contains:

  1. Access to the Finder application
  2. Any OPEN applications
  3. Any applications you have KEPT in the dock (for fast access)
  4. Any FOLDERS you have KEPT in the dock (for fast access)
  5. The trash icon

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